Physiotherapists are primary, regulated health care professionals who are qualified to assess and treat musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions. They are university educated and assist people of all ages and lifestyles to gain and maintain their desired level of function. Physiotherapists begin their treatment with a thorough assessment which includes a subjective history and an evaluation of pain, movement patterns, muscle strength, joint function, reflexes and sensation. Based on the assessment, a diagnosis is established and treatment options are discussed. Once consent is obtained treatment is initiated.

Treatment Includes

• Advanced Manual Therapy/Mobilization
• Education
• Acupuncture
• Ergonomics
• Work Hardening
• Splinting/Bracing/Taping
• Personalized Therapeutic Exercise Techniques
• Myofascial Release Techniques and Muscle Energy
• Modalities: ultrasound, mechanical traction, interferential current, electrical muscle stimulation, hot and cold


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Common Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy
• Neck and Back Pain
• Tendonitis/Bursitis
• Sport Injuries
• Sprains and Strains
• Pre and Post Surgical Care
• Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries
• Arthritic Conditions
• Osteoporosis
• Work Related Injuries
• Degenerative Joint Disease
• Fractures
• Foot Disorders
• Headaches
• Neurological Conditions
• Pediatric Conditions
• Pre/Postnatal care
• TMJ dysfunction




Professional Associations

Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Ontario Physiotherapy Association

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario