Karen Gilman
Holistic Nutrition

Dedicated to healthy eating for more than 25 years, Karen Gilman, Registered
Holistic Nutritionist, is passionate about helping others eat well and love
what they eat.  Karen graduated from the Canadian School of Natural
Nutrition in 2011 where she received a diploma in Natural Nutrition and has
been working in the neighbourhood ever since. She is also the founder of
www.nutrilicious.ca, a workshop facilitator, a recipe developer and a food
and nutrition blogger.

Karen helps clients with various health imbalances but has an interest in
women’s health and injury recovery. She has wealth of knowledge about
special diets, food preparation and balanced nutrition. She also has a
shopping cart full of recipes to share.  She believes that a nutritious diet
can be easy and equally important, delicious!

Karen is also a member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition
Professionals and the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni